Private lessons allow an instructor to focus more on the individual or individuals and the number of reps of each skill that is being taught.

  • Increase speed, agility, and strength
  • Learn proper skating, shooting, passing and stick handling techniques
  • Become physically and mentally stronger
  • Enhance your skills and coordination
  • Ice Awareness

The Benefits of Private Training

Private training/skill training has changed the way many young hockey players develop their skill sets. In his day and age in hockey we are seeing the overall skill sets of players drastically increase from top to bottom. The average player has many options for skill training, the most intensive is small group or individual training.


– Improvement in Basic Skills

  • Edge work inside/outside edge development
  • Stride work (forward/backward) Quick feet, Explosive Quickness and
  • Advanced skating skills/techniques
  • Shooting/passing technique (basic/advanced) learning every way to shoot
    and pass
  • Checking/angling, compete drills
  • Goal scoring development, team play skills, concepts, position
    specific training
  • Self confidence
  • Teaching good habits V bad habits and attention to detail

As a coach and a private instructor I see both sides of player development. From a head coach perspective, we have limited time to teach basic skills and skill development, this especially applies to older players. Much like school, practices start out at a young age to be very basic skill friendly, most teams get 3-4 touches a week, mostly 1 hr practices. Teams vary with player numbers but I would say the average is 15 skaters 2 goalies. Teaching wise its 2-3 coaches Vs 17 players, lots of opportunity for players to get lost in the shuffle, more opportunity for bad habits or not getting enough repetitions or time spent on explanations to truly learn and break down a particular skill. Same applies for work ethic, lots of bodies Vs not many eyes on.

Practices lean towards team and systematic play more when your older, more onus is put on the individual player to work on basic skills outside of practice, players that do, tend to have more confidence and seem to excel. Many skill sets are underdeveloped due to not actually learning or not properly instructed, I.E. players can go through many years avoiding the outside edge in all facets of Skating, therefor underdeveloped edge control. Same applies for other skills no matter how difficult they may be. Private or small group sessions provide tons of in depth instruction with tons of reps.

There is far more versatility as well, you can tailor make sessions for specific skills or concepts a player may be lacking or would like to learn. I personally love the fact that your eyes are on them 99% of the time, therefore crushing bad habits and enhancing wanted habits, truly learning and perfecting what is being asked. I found that you can progress through quickly enough with enough improvement to really start learning more advanced type of skills. Things that may take a player years of trial and error can be taught and understood in a short amount of time. Players leave with good skill/work habits, more confidence and the understanding that if they understand each skill. The only limit to great improvement is how much they practice it in team practice and on their own time. Private sessions are changing and improving 1 player at a time, giving them the benefit of learning and practicing skills they don’t either get in practice or enough time to actually improve. My only regret is that I was not able to have private training when I was a young player because it simply did not exist.

by: Coach Matt Frick


Come Learn the Right Way to Play the Game


  • 1 Player – 60.00 a session
  • 2-3 Players – 50.00 per player each session
  • 4-6 Players – 40.00 per player each session

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